About Us

People don't associate banking infrastructure with sleek design. Until now.


We make wealth management easier

Your clients demand online reporting. Our ambition is to help you win at reporting without building propriatary tools, or using way to complicated software.

  • Communicate your value to your customers
  • Stay close with your thought-leadership
  • Report your own metrics (your own frameworks, risk indicators, pipeline etc)
  • Promote better solutions and rebalancings to your clients

We are constantly adding new features to our app gallery. Together with our clients, we are happy to recieve feedback for setting our roadmap

minutes training

Our ambition is that your staff should use no less that 15 minutes getting accustomed to our platform before using it in production

priced assets

Our PricingEngine and ValuationEngine can access pricing of over 50,000 different instruments (equities, fixed income, funds, alternatives etc)


We don't just make software. We make value.

Our sucess criteria revolves around your happiness

We're happy with honestly advising you, not just about your relationship with Performativ, but also the rest of your stack. Worried about GDPR? Worried about data security? We're happy to help.

We're just getting started

We are a start-up, and we want to continue innovating as the company grows. That means we develop newfeatures, new use cases and compounding the value we offer every week.


The world is small...

... but it is nice to be next to somebody great. We are happy residents at the Copenhagen Fintech Lab. Our venture is supported by the InnoBooster grant from the Innovation Fund Denmark

Even though our footprint is global, we are based out of Copenhagen and London.