Real-time online reporting for wealth management

Investment management changes quickly. Clients no longer settle for periodic PDFs.


Use Performativ to scale your business and satisfy you clients.

Management Dashboard

Keep track of your business using our advisor dashboard with data on your business' metrics

Online Investor Reporting

Our best-in-class investor reportings let your clients engage with their financial data more often and more effectively


1-click connections to 25+ tools to augment the relationship between you and your clients


Continous innovation maximizes value to our customers

We believe that the smaller asset management businesses has been neglected in recent years. Many portfolio management systems are heavy and requires deep-rooted integrations. We offer the easiest and most innovative portfolio management systems for asset management on the market.

More About Us

Our services are built to be deployed and managed with a few clicks

Performativ is a preferred partner for the wealth management and asset management industry.

  • Completely white-labeled to your requests
  • Showcase different metrics to different customer groups
  • Best-in-class metrics such as time-weighted and money-weighted returns, decomposed exposures, attributions etc.
  • Pick an ESG provider from our list of partners, and report on sustainability

Keeping real-time information on your business can be hard. With Performativ it becomes easier.

  • Setup billing with elaborate, customizable fee models; and prepare to generate fee statements
  • Monitor real-time AUM and expected revenue
  • Analyze exposures and build on-the-fly risk scenarios
  • Store and share documents and contracts

Your data belongs to you and your clients. Use our full-flexed API to access it. Use our vetted data providers to augment your reporting and forecasting.

  • All subscriptions include access to Morningstars best-in-class market data
  • Proprietary PricingEngine for alternatives and other non-listed assets
  • Excel integration with real-time updatable formulas
  • Public API for your clients and your own applications

Financial regulation is complex and ever-changing. With Performativ embedded in your business, we understand regulation and help you stay compliant.

  • Best-in-class strong KYC procedures embedded and continously monitored and verified
  • Assist with regulatory reporting subject to your organizations' requirements
  • Report information to the tax authorities with a single click

We believe our system, out of the box, can bring value to all asset and wealth managers. But not all business is the same, and through our partners, you might acquire even more value.

  • We have over 25+ integrations with verified and approved integrations
  • If you have your own systems for asset pricing, trade execution, depositary banks, ESG data and more, we can help you integrate them into Performativ
  • If you want your proprietary systems built, our API is very well-documented and your Performativ installation can be completely altered remotely

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