Performativ brings your data into the cloud age

Provide your clients with data

Use Performativ to communicate with your clients. Financial performance, product documentation, asset allocations, attributions, billing and more.

Investor Dashboard
Intelligent benchmarking

Do you want to communcate how great your alpha truly is? Use our intelligent benchmarking to benchmark against highly customized benchmarks

Advanced fee models

Our goal is to support your business, not restrict it. Performativ can handle billing on complicated financial agreements with a few clicks

Business overview

Within a dollar of accuracy how much money do you manage? With Performativ you can respond to that question with a single click (but also more advanced metrics - VaR, Sharpe, Excess Returns and more)

Sustainable data

ESG reporting is a hot topic and regulation sharply following on. Performativ works with large brands of data to analyze your clients portfolios for ESG risk and topics

Trade Confirmations

Using artificial intelligence, we have trained a model to read trade confirmations with close-to-no bias on the format


Use Performativ to do intelligent rebalancing