June 5, 2023

Embracing the Future of Wealth Management: Advanced Generative AI

Prepare for the next generation of wealth management, where advanced generative AI becomes an indispensable requirement for success. Performativ's newest feature positions wealth managers at the forefront of digital leadership, effortlessly enabling even large wealth management firms to embrace the transformative power of AI. Discover how Performativ empowers wealth managers to become trailblazers in the digital era and meet the evolving demands of the industry.

Unveiled at the Microsoft's Envision conference for financial services technology, Performativ showcased its innovative feature, heralding a new era in wealth management. At the event, we shed light on the escalating significance of digital transformation within the industry and the undeniable need for advanced AI capabilities. Our CEO, Albert Fox, delivered his presentation "How hyperpersonlisation is changing the playing field of wealth management", underscoring the pivotal role of Performativ in propelling wealth managers to digital eminence.

Performativ's feature unlocks the untapped potential of advanced generative AI, propelling wealth managers towards digital ascendancy. Seamlessly integrating this transformative technology, wealth managers can harness profound insights, make informed data-driven decisions, and deliver unparalleled client experiences. The user-friendly interface and comprehensive support offered by Performativ enable even large wealth managers to swiftly adopt this cutting-edge solution without hindrance.

Performativ empowers wealth managers to deliver exceptional experiences that cater to the ever-evolving needs of their clients. By embracing advanced generative AI, advisors can provide personalized and hyper-relevant insights, fortify client relationships, and achieve superior outcomes. With Performativ as their unwavering digital ally, wealth managers can confidently navigate the dynamic digital landscape and cement their position as industry frontrunners.

Performativ's advanced generative AI feature empowers wealth managers to distinguish themselves from the competition. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, wealth managers can offer innovative, personalized, and bespoke services that set them apart. This strategic advantage enables Performativ's clients to attract and retain high-value clientele, solidifying their reputation as industry vanguards while nurturing sustainable growth.

Performativ's advanced generative AI features encompass unique capabilities tailored exclusively for wealth managers. The platform facilitates seamless two-way communication through an intelligent assistant, expertly trained to operate within regulatory compliance boundaries. This ensures personalized assistance while unwaveringly adhering to regulatory guidelines. Moreover, Performativ streamlines reporting by extracting and summarizing pertinent information, delivering concise yet insightful reports that capture the essence of financial performance.

Harnessing the transformative power of advanced generative AI, Performativ empowers wealth managers to deliver unrivaled value to their clients. The platform enables seamless communication, personalized assistance, and simplified reporting. Wealth managers can spend their time in meaningful conversations, while the assistant can answer advanced questions about exposures, performance and other queries related to the relationship. Through Performativ's innovative AI-driven features, wealth managers can carve a distinctive path, propelling themselves as digital leaders and confidently navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the industry.

The future of wealth management hinges on digital leadership, and Performativ is your guide on this transformative journey. Embrace the evolving demands of the industry, adopt Performativ's pioneering solution, and position your firm as the vanguard of the new era of wealth management. Let us together unlock boundless possibilities through digital transformation, differentiate from the industry, and redefine the future of wealth management.