UHNWI / Single Family Offices

We offer a detailed picture of a family's entire investment position across different currencies, geographic locations, bankable- and non bankable assets. Providing insight and flexibility that allow you to navigate the financial markets quickly and easy.

Wealth Advisors & Multi Family Offices

Performativ brings your wealth technology up to date; providing you with the latest cloud-native technology. Giving you the opportunity to provide more accurate reporting and advise across multi-asset class portfolios.

Investment Advisors

Take advantage of the technological era and manage global investments with comfort. Performativ offers your company a unique white-labelled platform for you and your clients with a valuable set of analytics, benchmarks that are highly customizable and easy integration opportunities.  

Financial Institutions

Supporting financial institutions in their process of becoming more digital. With scalable infrastructure and our powerful engine, we empower financial institutions to offer their clients the most innovative approach to multi-asset class portfolio management, portfolio reporting and much more.

Value Proposition

The competitive advantage to separate you from the competitors 

  • Enhance Scalability
    Our technology allows you to scale your business – in line with the wealth sector's growth.

  • Customer Satisfaction
    Our client app meets the digital needs of your clients, and our powerful advisor app provides valuable analytics, easy integration opportunities and much more.

  • Operational Efficiency
    Using Performativ can free up hundreds of man-hours of operational cost.