"... we couldn't find an inexpensive, powerful wealth management tool to meet our own, and our clients' needs.... so I built one..."

"When working at a small Danish asset manager, we identified a significant cost silo relating to receiving, cleaning, formatting and reporting data to our clients.

We scanned Europe for an inexpensive, scalable, powerful, solution which would give our clients the digital and real time experience they wanted. There were many solutions available, but none that met our, what we thought were simple, requirements.

After that unsuccessful search I decided to leave the asset manager and build the solution that was clearly missing in the market.... Performativ was born"

Albert Fox - CEO


We are constantly adding new features to our app gallery. Together with our clients, we are happy to recieve feedback for setting our roadmap

minutes training

Our ambition is that your staff should use no less that 15 minutes getting accustomed to our platform before using it in production

priced assets

Our PricingEngine and ValuationEngine can access pricing of over 50,000 different instruments (equities, fixed income, funds, alternatives, etc.)