Continuous innovation maximizes value to our customers

We believe that the smaller wealth management businesses have been neglected. Many portfolio management systems are cumbersome and require deep-rooted integration. We offer the easiest and most innovative portfolio management system for wealth management on the market.

Intelligent benchmarking

Do you want to communicate how great your alpha truly is? Use our intelligent benchmarking to measure performance against highly customized benchmarks

Advanced fee models

Our goal is to support your business, not restrict it. Performativ is set up to handle billing on complicated financial agreements

Business overview

Within a dollar of accuracy how much money do you manage?
With Performativ you can respond to that question with a single click (but also with more advanced metrics - VaR, Sharpe, Excess Returns and more)

Sustainable data

ESG reporting is a hot topic. In addition, political, social and investor pressure have already led to the introduction of several new rules. Performativ works with large brands of data to analyze your clients' portfolios for ESG risk

Trade confirmations

Using artificial intelligence, our system reads trade confirmations with close-to-no bias on the format and imports the data in seconds


Use Performativ to do intelligent rebalancing