Revolutionizing Wealth Management Operations: A Case Study on Valuedge Implementing Performativ

Through partnership with innovative, technology partners, independent wealth managers can streamline their operations by elevating their portfolio management capabilities, which ultimately will increase their client satisfaction through delivering complete, digital experiences.

Valuedge powered by Performativ


In the wealth management competitive landscape, small- to medium-sized firms often face challenges in accessing sophisticated portfolio management systems that truly meet their business needs. Valuedge, an independent wealth management firm based in the Netherlands, found itself constrained by legacy systems that hindered its ability to effectively offer personalized service to its clientele. Seeking to streamline and innovate their processes, Valuedge embarked on a digitalization journey in partnership with Performativ, a leading portfolio management SaaS provider based in Denmark.


Addressing Valuedge’s Portfolio Management Challenges

Valuedge specializes in serving High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs), priding itself on delivering tailored solutions and dynamic investment strategies. However, the firm encountered obstacles with its existing portfolio management setup that was comprised of disjointed systems for portfolio management, customer relationship management (CRM), and a client-facing application. Renco van Schie, Co-Founder, Partner, and Chief Investment Officer of Valuedge, emphasized the significant role technology can have in enabling a wealth management organization to operate most productively.  

“We want to be spending most of our time on allocation decisions and communicating directly with clients. This makes technological support extremely important to run our organization as efficiently as possible. In my eyes, it is absolutely vital that our wealth management system includes or integrates with a range of functionalities such as full portfolio management, customer relationship management (CRM), invoicing, reports, and has a client-facing app as well. This system is the backbone of our company.” – Renco van Schie

Exploring Performativ's Comprehensive Solution

Discovering Performativ through its LinkedIn posts, Renco van Schie contacted Crispin Rolt, Performativ's Chief Commercial Officer, to explore potential solutions. Impressed by Performativ's commitment to understanding Valuedge's unique requirements, Renco recognized the tremendous opportunity to consolidate various functionalities into a single, integrated system. Performativ's ability to deliver on this vision, coupled with their entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to client satisfaction, solidified the high partnership match.

"Performativ can deliver 'the dream,’ which, for an independent wealth manager, is integrating all technological capabilities into one system. I got to know the team as true entrepreneurs who devoted a significant amount of time to get to know our company and our needs in detail. They were committed to developing ways to complete tasks more efficiently than we were able to in our prior systems as well as creating proprietary features like the Valuedge risk meter to make us 100% satisfied with our new, robust wealth management solution.” – Renco van Schie

Seamless Onboarding and Implementation

Transitioning to Performativ's platform involved a collaborative onboarding process, facilitated by effective communication and support from the Performativ team to minimize any disruptions to Valuedge's operations.

"Communication with the team is great. Our dedicated Onboarding Manager leads weekly calls to discuss progress and shares relevant updates via email as well. Peter Barry, Performativ's Chief Technology Officer, and a key Product Specialist even worked on-site with us to ensure a smooth migration." – Renco van Schie

Conclusion & Key Takeaways

After going live with Performativ, Valuedge is set up to deliver a better client experience through the new app and save time on the organizational processes around portfolio and client management, invoicing, and reporting. Valuedge's partnership with Performativ exemplifies the transformative power of collaboration between forward-thinking wealth managers and nimble technology providers who have their clients’ current and future needs at the forefront of their development. By embracing the potential impact that innovative solutions can yield, wealth management firms like Valuedge can unlock new levels of efficiency, scalability, and client satisfaction.  

This case study underscores the importance of strategic partnerships in navigating the evolving landscape of wealth management and leveraging technology to drive sustainable business growth. As Valuedge continues its journey with Performativ, both organizations are poised to achieve mutual success and empower their clients with best-in-class wealth management solutions. If your portfolio management system is inhibiting your firm’s ability to service your clients at the high-quality level that you’d like, contact Performativ to see how our platform can revolutionize your firm’s operations, setting you up for success now and in the future.

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